IMPACT Academy for Youth

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IMPACT Academy for Youth

The IMPACT Academy for Youth is nonprofit, youth-led organization. We work locally in Berkeley, CA to partner with educators, organizations, and individuals to provide curriculm, events, service opportunities, support, and mentorship for youth. Our overarching goal is to engage youth in leadership opportunities, personal development, and service-learning.

What We Offer

We provide services and experiences that make it possible for youth to:

  • Position themselves as a project leader by providing them with support and resources
  • Build leadership skills by being engaged in the process and mobilizing their community
  • Circulate their ideas so other youth can easily join in and replicate their project, nationally and/or internationally. 
  • Unify their project with other youth and youth groups to increase their 'voice,' financial power and impact 
  • Establish networks with kids from varied backgrounds in order to bring diversity to their planning process and experience
  • Experience their impact by connecting with the recipients of their efforts in a way that is empowering to all
  • Celebrate their achievements as a champion of change
  • Hone the skills to successfully complete future philanthropic desires independently of IMPACT

Simply put, a partnership with IMPACT allows your youth group access to mini-grants, mentorship, resources, trainings, and curricula support for educators.


The IMPACT Academy for Youth was founded in 2007 by Marissa Vessels as her Girl Scout Gold Award project at the age of 16. Since it's founding, the IMPACT Academy has made great strides financially and programmatically. In 2012, we have expanded our staff, recruited a Board of Directors, gained fiscal sponsorship, and launched our plans for the Fall 2012 IMPACT Academy!